Lorde Leadership Network

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Lorde Leadership Network is a group of queer and trans people of color interested in supporting the professional advancement of our community. We will accomplish that by leveraging the access we have and pooling our resources in order to provide opportunities that will benefit our peers. Our aim is to create a space to lift each other up and cultivate a community of leaders that finally centers queer and trans BIPOC people, while collectively working to up-end white supremacy.

We want this to be so much more than just a quasi-social networking group. We know that we possess greatness that is often overlooked or tokenized; we are so frequently expected to be a part of spaces that are not designed for (or welcoming to) our community for the sake of 'career advancement.' To combat this, we decided that we would rather learn from each other instead. Consider LLN a place where we can safely help each other navigate through the politics of professionalism – it's a group of people who are committed to continuously uplifting one another through the access that we have.

Registering for the Lorde Leadership Network will give you access to our Facebook and LinkedIn groups where we will regularly post job opportunities that we become aware of at Sage & Maven. As our membership builds, we will also be encouraging members to share, as well as request, resources and opportunities.

Member Eligibility

To be eligible to join, you must identify as LGBTQI+, be a person of color, and reside within Northeast Ohio. The first 100 people to register will be entered to win a free copy of 'Sister Outsider' by Audre Lorde.